what about some straight hair people?

What I am unsure about is some of these hair products, and I know most of the members who comment here have curly hair, but maybe some of you people might know, are these products with all these "steer clear" ingredients, do they have the same ill effect on straighter hair people? does anybody know or have any experience they can share?
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Nah, straighties have a much easier time dealing with sulfates and silicones - their cuticles lie flat, so it's harder for the sulfates to get in and sap all the moisture out, and silicones just sitting on the surface of those flat cuticles can add to shine.

No wonder they don't get us being choosy with ingredients in products.

With straight hair, I think what they avoid is more the stuff that would make their hair look greasy, which is much easier to do to their hair than ours. Score one for the curlies!

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I think generally, people overwash their hair (at least in the U.S.) Sulfates and cones are in the majority of drugstore hair products. You get into that cycle, and it's got to affect the appearance of even straight hair by causing build up, dryness, frizziness. Think about most hair care commercials - most "problems" are being solved by cones or petroleum products. Overall, curly hair HEALTH is affected by these ingredients (i.e. the dryness that results can literally break our hair) while for straighties it could just be appearance, IMO.
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