Anti Humectants.... HELP PLEASE

Do any of you CurlyQ's know where I can find a list of products that would be an anti humectant in nature? I get what an ant humectant is I just wondered if there was a list of product names that I could review rather than read ingriedients of everything possible. Thanks.
This article by Curl Chemist will help.

Here's the important part:

An ingredient may be called an anti-humectant if it fulfills several requirements. First, it must not be hygroscopic, meaning it must not possess molecular traits that cause it to attract water molecules to itself. Second, it must be water repellent, which necessarily means insoluble in water. This property allows it to lock out or prevent the intrusion of moisture into the hair from a humid environment. Additionally, these ingredients typically coat, flatten, and seal the external cuticle layer of the hair strands. The anti-humectant ingredient will most likely be higher on the list of ingredients, and may be problematic for those on a no-poo routine.

In many formulations, the ingredients used for this anti-humectant task are silicones. This is because they not only perform the anti-humectant duties in a superior manner, but they also provide excellent lubrication of the hair and add a high degree of gloss (shine). Esters (such as isopropyl palmitate) are another category of ingredient used for their water-resistant properties in products designed to function well in high humidity climates. There are also many natural ingredients that work well for this purpose, such as hydrogenated castor oil, beeswax, and plant triglycerides such as coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, and shea butter. I have included the ingredient lists for three different hair pomades and anti-humectant products that I found interesting.....
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