What is your strategy for having great hair on vacation? Aside from travel bottles for products, what other essentials do you take with you? How do you prepare for a more humid climate?

These are all questions I have been asking myself as I pack up for Aruba... Figured I throw it out to all of you and see if I get any great tips!
Still experimenting!

  • Washing with DevaCurl No-Poo &/or One Condition
  • Applying various combinations of gels, creams, sprays and serums
  • Scrunching with Aquis hair towel
  • Clipping sometimes
  • Diffusing with Pixiecurl method until partially dry
  • Air-drying
Things to Figure Out:
  • How to keep my roots from looking greasy
  • How to make my canopy come out great every time
  • How to add some volume when clipping goes awry