Last time I wore my hair straight...

...Was in Febuary. That is a long time for me. And, I'm getting an urge to do so to see how much it has grown. How often does everyone here go between flat ironing their curls?
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I haven't flatironed my hair since April 2008. I measure by having my husband or son pull a piece straight in the back and measure it with a ruler to see how much it has grown.
Well I don't have super curly hair, I just have 2something curls so it's not a difficult thing for me. During school I usually do it at most once a week.
I get a blowout done since flat ironing alone won't straighten it.

I do it 2-4 times a year, once for my birthday and the rest during the winter when it is less likely to revert.
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I did mine Thursday night, first time since February which is quite a while for me. I'm going to the UK on Wednesday and like to straighten it when I'm travelling, otherwise I look wild when I arrive. This was a practice run as I'd not straightened it since having a major cut in June. It looks weird, I think I'll have to chance the curls on the plane and take a little bit of AVG with me!
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I'm down to about once a month or so. It curls up soo much that I like to get the "full picture" of how long it is. Plus it's so dang silky when I straighten and I can run my hands through it all freakin' day!
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So I styled my hair straight today. I never realized how much shrinkage that I have. At least 4 inches, maybe more. My hair has really grown! I'm really excited. I have not seen my hair at this length in a while. I still have trouble with frizz however when I straighten. I have more when straight then when I'm curly.

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