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IvyWalker 07-29-2006 06:48 PM

Faster-growing hair?
Does anyone know of anything that makes hair grow a bit faster? I've read that rosemary can help stimulate hair growth. Is there anything else? I'm impatient and I'd love my hair to be longer. :lol: I tried searching, and couldn't find anything on this topic.

Kaia 07-29-2006 06:50 PM

Prenatal vitamins are supposed to help.

JuicyTube 07-29-2006 06:54 PM

*sigh* i feel the same!

Oregano (formerly babywavy) 07-29-2006 07:21 PM

They have Hair Skin & Nail vitamins that work very well. Also, frequent scalp massages help promote blood flow to the area, which would speed growth.

You can find a lot of hair growth oils in the ethnic section of the hair care aisle.

I had a cuticle oil that contained grape seed, and other natural oils. Usually if it's good for your skin and nails, it's good for your hair.

Oh, and gelatin. My grandmother used to drink gelatin. It comes in a box, like Jello, but you'd want to get the natural stuff.

Ab-star 07-29-2006 07:32 PM

Just curious...what is the normal growth rate for hair? I was wondering this just yesterday. Is it a half inch a month?

NaturalRemedy 07-29-2006 07:48 PM

yea 1/4 - 1/2 inch of growth. There is some formula called...HF37 I think that is supposed to make your hair growth 1 inch a month, I've heard that it works but it's a bit expensive. You can check it out to see if it's in your price range. But yea massages, hair/nail/skin vitams etc... they all work. I've also heard emu oil helps as well.

Oh side note about Formula... it's basically a 2 step pill program. The first pill is like a regular multivitamin the second pill is just a bunch of amino acids, hopefully that can help if you want to search for an alternative.

Oh whey is supposed to help too. You can find the powdered form and blend it into smoothies and drinks.

haha I keep editing because I know so many remedies for growth...

Top 10 foods for hair growth and their nutritional value:
If you want your hair to grow faster and healthier you just can't do without eating good food, or at least supplying your body with the nutrients you need.

Best eating plan for hair includes - protein, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidents.

If you want shiny healthy hair, one nutrient you cannot go without are essential fatty acids. They have been found to block an enzyme that creates DHT, which is a follicle-damaging androgen that causes hair loss.

"These 'good fats' are called Essential Fatty Acids because you body can't manufacture them. Therefore, it's essential you you get them from food or supplements. A deficiency in EFAs sows up as slow hair growth, excessively dry hair, and even hair loss."

Food rich in EFAs: wild salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, sardines, olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocado.

10 top Foods

1. Acai: ah-see-ee This is a Brazilian berry and contains: antioxidants, healthy fats, dietary fiber, phytosterols, amino acids and minerals. These are all important to healty hair growth.

2. The Allium Family: This family includes: garlic, onions, leeks, scallions, shallots and chives. This family contains flavonoids which help the body eliminate toxins and carcinogens. They are also rich in Sulfur which keeps hair shiny and strong.

3. Barley: Good source of fiber, and Niacin which helps improve cirulation in the scalp.

4. Green Grases: Wheat amd barely grasses, blue-green algae, spirulina and clorella are recommended for EFA content and clearing body of toxins.

5. Buckwheat: contains more vitamins and minerals, healthier fats, more fiber and flavonoids for circulatory health than grains.

6. Beans and Lentils: Beans: (kidney, black, navy pinto), chickpeas, soybeans, dried peas and lentils. Without this rich source of protein, hair follicles can shift into a resting phase.

7. Hot Peppers: contains capsaicin, which has "anti-flammatory, analgesic, anti-cancer, healthy-heart effects." It also helps create a healthy scalp with plentiful suplly of nutrient-rich circulation.

8. Nuts and Seeds: Contain protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that are essential for reducing visible signs of aging, including thin, dry, lifeless hair.

9. Sprouts: (mung bean, alfalfa, radish and onion) are a concentrate source of living enzymes for a healthy, youthful body, including hair and skin.

10. Yogurt and Kefir: these probiotic milk products help maintain a healthy digestive system, which ensures an adequate supply of nutrients to the body. If your body isn't getting what it needs, your hair will be the first to suffer.

Now: Foods to avoid-

You will need to cut down your fat intake, especially animal fat. Animal fats lead to too much cholesterol in your system. An excess of cholesterol can raise testosterone levels and cause slow growing hair and even baldness. For healthiest hair, your best bet is to eat smaller portions of lean meats.

information obtained from:

Best of Luck:D

CA_curlz 07-29-2006 08:13 PM

Hair growth
From my own experience, lots of protein in my diet, biotic, folic acid, silica (horsetail-an herb in capsule form) and B complex helped to speed things up quite a bit.


IvyWalker 07-29-2006 10:13 PM

Thank you all for the tips! I'm working on changing my diet some already, for allergy and asthma reasons, so I'll try to integrate plenty of those foods. :D

curlscurls 07-30-2006 06:03 AM

i think there have been previous threads about this,try a search.

curly hair feels like it doesnt grow,but IT DOES.think about a guy with a buzzcut,for him it feels like it grows to quickly. my friend needs to shave his head once a month. for us,we feel like it never grows.

this is a tip i found online, i have no idea if it works:
stand on your head!!typical hairgrowth is six to eight inches a year.
"roberts friend tried it & got these results within six months!!"

i cant stand on my head,but you can bend over & hang your head down for the same effect.
i just started this too,& i put a book/magazine on the floor to read while i do it. anyway, it cant hurt-at least i will get really flexible:)
it looks like a yogapose i used to do.
Good luck!!

Ab-star 07-30-2006 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by curlscurls
it cant hurt-at least i will get really flexible:)
it looks like a yogapose i used to do.

LOL! I'll have to remember that and do more inversions or headstands in my yoga practice!! :D

one way street 07-30-2006 08:24 AM

i'm bookmarking this...very useful information!

one way street 07-30-2006 09:21 AM

wouldn't potatoes be a good one because they have sulfur in them?

one way street 07-30-2006 09:25 AM

garlic eating...

HappyInHoops 07-30-2006 10:26 AM

For what it's worth, I've been taking lots of supplements for over 20 years and my hair grows at least 3/4 an inch a month, sometimes a full inch. My hairdresser is always amazed at how fast I have to come back for a touch up on my highlights. So, in my case, it's not always a good thing because my roots show up faster than most and it's getting quite expensive. It comes in handy when I want to grow out a bad cut though :) I still don't know if my hair growth is related to taking lots of vitamins or not. I never paid attention to how fast my hair grew before I started taking them.

Snarls 07-30-2006 12:28 PM

What kind of supplements do you take?

My hair growth is slow. I've been taking Omega Oil supplements for years (fish oil, flax seed oil) as well as garlic capsules (garlic oil with parsley oil--the parsley neutralizes the garlic odor). Then a multivitamin. Overall, my diet's pretty good.

HappyInHoops 07-30-2006 12:56 PM

Hi Castella,
It sounds like your taking the right stuff. I've tweaked mine over the years because taking separate pills of each vitamin and supplement was verrryy expensive. First off, I take all of my supplements after each meal (most days breakfast & lunch. I sometimes forget after dinner) instead of taking everything at one time, which helps keep them in my system. I take a good multi-vitamin from the health food store twice a day, Solgar Formula VM-75. I also take acidophilus, evening primrose oil, kyolic garlic (the immune formula that includes reishi mushroom, C, and astragalus), cod liver oil capsules, and silica (horsetail). I keep a bottle of chewable Vitamin C (with rose hips & bioflavonoids) on my desk at work and pop them occasionally throughout the day....It's the only way I remember to take those! I figure it can't hurt , especially in the wintertime when everyone is sneezing and coughing around me. Lately I've been taking a supplement that's really intended for pregnant women. It's called Expecta DHA supplement and I've heard alot of good things about it, even from my doctor. I could probably eliminate the cod liver oil capsules now that I'm taking the Expecta but it's also a little pricey. It's cheapest at Walmart or K-mart and you can find $1 off coupons for it. I also take calcium/magnesium but only after dinner because it's supposed to be more effective that way. BTW, ever since I started taking the immune boosting supplements I rarely get more than the occasional cold. Sorry, this is probably more information than you wanted. Hope I helped!

JuicyTube 07-30-2006 07:47 PM


Snarls 07-30-2006 08:52 PM

Wow, thanks for all that info! That's really helpful.

For a while, I was taking a lot of supplements, mostly things I think I should eat but don't like. Green tea extract, cranberry concentrate, phytosterols (for high cholesterol). Oh, and the dogs used to get a mixture of alfala/kelp & oatstraw with their meals as well (and cod liver oil, and walnuts, from their perspective, it's all good). THEIR hair grows very quickly, I might add :lol: ! The kyolic garlic sounds great, I need to look into that for sure, and the horsetail. I know I should be doing calcium, both my parents have osteop....that's why I started lifting weights, to help retain bone mass. And then I turned into a hair product junkie, and couldn't afford the supplements!

Yeah, Blush, it's pretty shocking! (Castella says even as she prints out HappyInHoops's post for reference when supplement shopping)

one way street 09-03-2006 01:48 PM


soon2b 09-04-2006 08:50 AM

I take nourishair vitamins. I have only been takig them for a few weeks, but so far they seem to be working. I got them from GNC. the pills are a little big, but for the sake of hair growth i can handle women do for beauty.

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