Should I highlight my hair? (before pic)

I've only highlighted my hair once. I was in 8th grade and it was a total disaster. Since my hair is such a dark brown that it's almost black, I ended up with Halloween-orange streaks within a week. So now, 10 years later, I'm considering it again with a colorist who's more than capable, but I still have reservations. I only want to have to commit to touch ups twice a year so that means I can't get anything too obvious and nothing on the very top layer of my hair. Is it even worth it to fork out a lot of $$ for something so subtle? And since my hair turned curly after that first experience with highlights, will lightening hair that is as dark as mine just wreck it....especially since curls are more fragile that straight hair? My hair grows so slowly and it's taken me awhile to get it where it is now, so I'm hesitant. Anyone else have any suggestions or experience to share? TIA!
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If it is that dark and you only want to do it two times a year, I would say use a glaze yourself like John Frieda to pump up some glossy shine and save your money. Hiliting dark hair can be done with hair color a couple shades lighter but if you don't touch it up more than that it will turn orangey and brassy after about three months. My hair is dark too and I always was fighting the red/orange in my hair and I am a professional (LOL) I finally just cut off all the old color and gloss it every month. Nothing looks better than shiny healthy hair.
Thanks, Cynthia! I didn't think about it becoming brassy so soon. I bought a box of Natural Instincts in Ebony Mocha last night to darken it a bit and add shine. A friend also pointed out (who has really dark, highlighted hair) that since the stylist can't highlight the exact strands every time that I would end up with head full of bleached hair after a several touchups anyway.
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I think your hair is beautiful just the way it is!

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Hi! I think that you should if you really want to! I just want to give you some warnings. I have the same type of hair as you I think, and when I got my highlights, my hair totally fried. I have major breakage at the front of my face, and it's really really hard to deal with because it doesn't curl right at all. So now I have to try and grow it out.

Not trying to scare you, just letting you know!! Good luck!
Thank you, pjsmommy; that's very kind of you to say! Ilaughtoomuch, I appreciate the warning. I'm afraid I could have problems with breakage also, especially the hair near my face because it's the curliest and therefore the most fragile. I went ahead and used the Clairol shade I mentioned today, and it is black!! I read some reviews on this color on another board and everyone said that after my first wash it will lighten a good bit to become more of a brown shade...I hope it does because I'm looking a little goth right now with my super pale skin and (now) jet black hair. It is very shiny and bouncy though! Supposedly, it will wash out within a month so it isn't a very long commitment.
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With Semi and Demi permanent color, I always suggest a shade or two lighter than you want to achieve because it is easier to go darker. That said, it will wash out, next time mix it with a lighter shade.
Dark hair always looks soooooo shiny.
I get highlights 3-4 times a year. My colorist uses very gentle products to do the highlights themselves; also I stay within a shade or so of my natural color.

After the highlights he uses 2-4 shades of Cellophane Glazes in various shades/depths of red and weaves the shades throughout my head. The effect is very natural and multi-tonal. Plus the glaze adds gloss.

My hair is not damaged in the least; He has been highlighting my hair since I was 20 (I'm 47). I think you can get an idea of the highlights in my "9 months plus" album, fyi.

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My hair is very dark like yours, I used to highlight it but got tired of it getting brassy/orange looking. The last couple years i've been doing a color a shade lighter then my natural, my stylist recommended lighter because my hair is so dark, my regrowth is not easily noticed and I go about 6 months between touch ups. This thursday is appointment time as a matter of fact. I love the shine it has when its first done

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