what to look for in a co-wash, and what should I try next?

I understand that some conditioners have surfectants in them, which makes them good to use as a co-wash, but what does a surfectant look like in an ingredient list? Are some better than others - more cleansing, less damaging?

I've used VO5 Free Me Freesia (lovely scent, soft results) and Vanilla Mint Tea Tree (I think I was taken in by the "clarifying" label). I think I'll buy the Vanilla Mint again, unless someone has a strong recommendation to try a new flavor. The ingredients do vary a lot in the VO5 line.

oo im curious about this 2.

i have all the (flavors?) of the vo5
anyways from what ive experienced the vo5 moisture milks passion fruit smoothie is amazing as a cowash. feels really good on my hair. but when i feel like i ve put to much products in my hair i will use the kiwi and lime one as co wash bcause it says clrifying on it.

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