Modified CG

What exactly does a modified CG mean? Does this mean that you use shampoo? TIA.
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I think most people use modified CG to mean that they low-poo (i.e. use a sulphate-free shampoo) as opposed to washing solely with conditioner. But that they don't use anything with sulphates or silicones.

Saying that, the CG book does say it's ok for wavies (2s) to use low-poos.

This is what I am aiming towards as I don't think 'full' CG is for me.
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I'm mod CG - again. I have some 'cone free conditioners and some styling products with water soluble cones. I will use a clarifying shampoo as needed (maybe once a month). Of course, this is until the weather changes and this routine doesn't work anymore.
I always assumed "modified" meant anything that didn't fall within the guidelines of the CG book. that would include occassional low pooing for curlies - but not for wavies. Wavies who low poo would be considered CG.

I'm not "strict" CG because I will shampoo with low poo or sulfate shampoo whenever I feel it needs to be done. I will use silicones if I'm straightening my hair etc.
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I'm completely sulfate/silicone free but I use low detergent organic shampoo every day. I can not conditioner only wash because it leaves me with limp, stringy and greasy hair. So CG, no but CG modified to make the best of my curls, absolutely!

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Thanks for all of your replies.

I think I am like you. I don't think I can go without shampoo. My hair gets too weighed down.
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density

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