Interesting read about shampoo

My cousin Elizabeth sent me this:

Makes me happy that I rarely, if ever use shampoo. Only soap bars for me! Actually, I think most of the poos that a lot of us buy are of better quality.
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Interesting (and my, some amusing metaphors - the apple one in particular!). My only real comment is this: are the ingredients in most commercial conditioners any better?
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Yes, it was interesting. But I don't feel the urge to run out and buy some Sunlight Dish Detergent, lol!
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the man should win some sort of award solely for his ability to incorporate all those shampoo slogans into that article! It was impressive!

The estrogen thing was of particular interest to me. I wasn't aware of that "side effect".

I don't want to guano your post so - briefly - I've had hives everyday for the last six years. I've come to the conclusion they are hormone related. since I quit using shampoo on a regular basis I actually have days where I don't have but maybe one or two hives. I will not jump to conclusions at all. It's quite possible a coincidence. However - I did use a sulfate shampoo last night and my hives are worse today than they have been in the last couple months. That's very interesting indeed. I'll have to do more research on that. Thanks for the lead.

It was an entertaining article for sure. And I have the same question as Oddity. Are conditioners really any better?
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Yup, I'm very glad to have gone CG, I'm not using any toxic shampoos anymore! My low poo has 100% natural & organic ingredients!
2c/3a some 3b/Thick/Fine texture?/High Porosity
Currently trying out the CG method again as of 1/3/12!

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