im going to start school soon (8th grade) and ive been transitioning for about 4 months. I also really want to loose weight and the only time i can workout is in the morning before school. But i don want my hair to be smell sweaty so i was thinking maybe i should co-wash but since i dont have natural curls so i have to do a tist out or something but i dont want my twist out to flat out and i cant fix it in the morning so what do i do

I used to workout before school and I never had trouble with my hair smelling. In fact, exercising made my hair look even better. It would fluff it up and make the curls tighter.

Will you be working out every morning? If not, do your hair on the off days. Or if you are going to the gym everyday then do your hair at night and spot curl it in the morning after you're done exercising.

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