Hair Type Dilemma!

Hi there, everyone - I'm not new to curly hair, but I am new to the forum. And, after reading through the specifics for each hair type, I can't pin-point where I fit.

You see, I have waist-length hair, and when it air-dries, I have big, corkscrew curls - very 3A-ish. However, it's not thin at all, rather, very coarse, thick, and wiry. And after I keep it in a loose bun overnight, it calms down into very loose curls, almost waves. Part 2, 3, and 4. Where do I fit?!

For the record, I don't use any products other than Head and Shoulders shampoo (for dandruff) and Pantene Relaxed and Natural conditioner (because my hair's so coarse).

The first picture (though a little old) is my hair air-dried. The second is typical of the next day, and the third is after spending 12 or so hours in a loose bun.
Your hair looks dried out, so your curls aren't at their full potential. You may want to consider CG - read the newbie section and going shampooless. You probably have more curl than you think. Curl pattern is one thing, you look 2c to 3b, but to really care for your hair, you go by texture and porosity. Take a look at LiveCurlyLiveFree for lots of great info.
2C wavy with some spirals. CG since April 07. Medium texture and porosity.
COs: Yes to Cucumbers
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Live Simply. Use Soap
Your hair does look very dry, are you considering doing CG or something similiar? I wouldn't be surprised if you found out your hair is alot curlier then you think if it is norished they way curly hair needs to be.

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