Help with bangs!!!

I am getting my hair cut next Friday, and I really want my bangs fixed. Last time, I asked for sidebangs, and I pretty much have this chunk of hair that is only a little bit shorter than the rest of my hair. My hair is super curly, like this (and that isn't me, I googled it):

But I want bangs like this:

How do I get that without my hair looking all messed up? Oh, and I'm okay with straightening them every day if I need to, because I can pin them back curly most days. Please don't tell me this is impossible! Help!
ummmm. Just take that picture with you....?
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Well I would but she doesn't know much about curly hair so I wanted an opinion from people with curly hair and sidebangs, but thanks I guess...
I would just be very specific with how you want your hair. Maybe she was being cautious not to take too much off last time. Afraid they would shrink up a bunch, but if you are going to wear them straight they don't need the shrink room. I wore my bangs straight and side-swept for a really long time. And they were way too short to wear curly. Wet they were maybe just below my eyebrow on my right side, to cheek bone length on my left. And maybe a half of an inch thick. They would shrink about 1/2 when dry, and flatiron.
One thing about the picture of bangs is that they look like they may be too thick (if that makes sense). I don't really care for bangs that end up being all of the hair on the top of my head. Cap cuts are bad.
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I know a solution! Get bangs that are a little thinner and longer. Such as this:

And when it is curly, it looks like this:

Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.

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COLLEE- You're right! She didn't want me to feel like I had no hair. I do have to tell her that I would straighten it all the time.

layne- Are those pictures of you? If they are, you have amazing hair, and what did you ask for when you got those bangs?

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