after straightening everyweek for 5 years.... i went cg last week and have been cg for almost 2 weeks now. in this short time my hair has never been so soft and there are curls every where.. im like 3b with just a bit of 3c. anyways...

i start school on monday the 24th, my mom is forcing me to straighten my hair this saturday(the 22nd) so that i can have my hair straight for atleast the 1st week. and then from the second week and on i wont have to do my hair anymore.

so my question to you guys is, will this set back my progress?

(ps. idk if this make a difference or not but when i say i straighten my hair i mean with a blowdryer not with relaxers)
Hi Michigogo,

Since your mom is insisting, IMO it is always better to listen to your parents, even when you disagree. I don't think a week will hurt if you do the following.

1.Use a CG friendly heat protectant. I think Bain de Terre Iron it out Thermal Protector may be CG. It has a cone in it that is PEG, which is water soluable so its okay. And its only $13 which is worth the cost to protect your hair. Maybe some others can recommend a good one.

2. Do a protein treatment when you next wash your hair. Remember if you use a heat protectant that is not CG then you will have to start CG all over again by washing with a normal sulfate shampoo. If you use a CG heat protectant than you can just continue co washing like normal.

3. Immediately follow your protein treatment with a deep moisture treatment.

As long as you don't need to use the heat (blowdryer or flat iron) every day, I don't see how this one time will hurt. Your hair should recover and then you can devote yourself to CG and reap the benefits of hair that will only improve. There are a few CGs who still straighten every now and then but they always follow with PT and DT.

Good luck with you first week of school
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I agree with the above poster.

I sometimes straighten my hair but always do a protein followed by a deep treatment. I try to stick with CG friendly products.

If you had to start over, it's not the end of the world.

Hang in there! It will be OK.

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