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OMG.. I love my hairstylist for coloring my hair, she always gets it exactly how I expect and for that I have always gone to her. I don't have any issues with the way she cuts my hair, I just have long layers anyway and really it works out well.. not a curly friendly cut however. She always does it wet and stretches it. But, I digress... i've never had an issue with the way it looks as at the end.

Today she said, do you want me to style it straight or curly, I've alway said straight in the past but since going CG I went for curly this time. I was almost embarrassed at the stringy, frizzy mess that I walked out of there with tonight. She CAN NOT style curly hair.. she didn't even use a diffuzer, she blew dry my hair.

So, my question is.. if your stylist could do everything right except style your hair would you continue to go to them?
as long as the cut is good, and I can style it myself, I probably would. I think its difficult to find someone who knows how to cut curly hair, so as long as can work with the cut, Im fine
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I'd probably go back but not before a big event! I had the same problem after my BC. She cut and highlighted it great but when it was time to style it she just picked and picked until I looked like the before picture in the hair rules ad. Not the look I was going for.
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Stylists have been educated on how to style straight hair, not curly. (yes, I realize that's the biggest DUH understatement of the year)

I've been going to the same stylist for years, and when I started CG, I started to share with her how to do CG techniques, such as co-washing and pixie curling. She's willing to learn new things, and she's starting to realize that curly hair - even wavy hair - behaves very differently from straight hair - and needs to be treated very differently.

Please, before just sitting there silently letting an otherwise brilliant hairstylist send you home with a frizzy mess on your head, tell her exactly what you want her to do, and how to do it - educate her! We need more people who are aware of how to work with curls to create beautiful hairstyles.

If she's hesitant to go against her straight hair training, remind her that learning to style curly hair will be a bonus for her in the end, because once she gets the hang of styling curly hair, you can send her more customers, which means more $$$ for her.
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Here is another thread on this same topic. Thought you might find it of interest.
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So, my question is.. if your stylist could do everything right except style your hair would you continue to go to them?
Originally Posted by oopsmyhalofelloff

I am in the same boat. I LOVE my stylist, but I like the way I do my own hair better. She gives great cut and color and I leave with it wet and finish up at home. I get the best of it all and I'm happy.

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Thank you for sharing that other post, good opinions on the same issue i'm having. I think i'll just have her leave it wet and not worry about styling after a cut/color from now on.

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