Quick towel question...

I know they are evil for curly hair, but how are they for simply draping over your shoulders so your back doesn't get wet?
3A/B - low-normal porosity - med to coarse texture

Shampoo - GTTTT
Co-Wash - As I Am Coconut Cowash
RO - GVP Cond. Balm, Tresemme Naturals, Yes to Carrots Nourishing, AO Honeysuckle Rose
LI - Hollywood Beauty Olive Cream Headdress
DT - Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholestrol, SM Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment
Stylers - BRHG (old formula is my HG, but the new one has silicones)

Trying out - MGA Sculpting Gel, LA Sports Gel, Got2b Spiked Gel, Got2b Glued
I know that for my hair which loves to tangle into knots at my nape, that terrycloth is a dog! I can't do it or I get the unbelievable knots and frizz which I can only remove by ripping out the tangles with a fine tooth comb which removes a ton of hair and breaks even more.

So, I've recently bought myself a Sham-wow towel to plop with. It's much smoother than a terry towel and doesn't 'stick' to my hair like a microfiber towel does.

It's a little bit stiff when dry but I just sort of fold it around my dripping wet hair and hold the plop on top of my head for a few minutes (2-3) and then carefully unfold. It sucks up the excess water and gloppy Curl Keeper like crazy but seems to not disturb my waves and curls and the frizz has been greatly reduced. I haven't needed to drape it on my back to catch drips since it seems to take just the right amount of moisture out. Not enough to cause frizz but enough to prevent dripping and product transfer to my clothes...and the orange Sham-wow is big enough to hold my BSL long hair.

I got the idea from the package where it describes it as great for drying your dog after washing him....
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I bought a microfiber towel to plop with but have never been able to successfully plop. What I do instead, is to get out of the shower and rake my products through my hair, then comb products through with a wide toothed comb and part my hair, bend over and scrunch. If my clumps seems small, I'll spray a bunch of water in my hair until it drips and then bend over and scrunch again. Then I drape my microfiber towel over my shoulders to catch all the drips.

Scrunching the water out with a microfiber towel, like so many others do, just makes my hair frizz.
Still reading and trying to figure all this out, but I think my hair is...
2A/3A/3B - ranges from weak waves on top to tight ringlets underneath. Fine texture, normal-high porosity, thin density.

Fave products:
Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut, some Abba sulfate free
Conditioner - JC Too Shea, AO GBP
Stylers - JC CC, JC RR, BSRHG

But I have a whole cabinet of other stuff to try out! LOL

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