Chiropractor made a mess of my hair

Curly hair and chiropractors are not a great combination. Has anyone come up with any ways to keep hair neat after adjustments? Maybe I should say just "careful with the hair" like Travolta said in Saturday Night Fever
When I was seeing my chiropractor regularly, I'd put it up in a loose ponytail before going into the adjustment room. It didn't leave a crease and was out of his way for adjustments.

The few times I left it loose, it was definitely a mess though!
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Never found away to wear it down and still look okay.
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Thanks for the replies. I bet if the chiropractor was a curly she would be more careful with my hair. I think I am going to just have to deal with having messy hair after the summer but when the weather is cooler I will wear my hair wavy or straight for appts.
Make your appt. for the end of the day.
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if you can't put it in a ponytail, what about a headband pushed as far back as it can go and still stay on???
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