ACV rinse

Hello ladies!

I guess I was wondering how exactly one should go about doing an ACV rinse. I probably do one every two weeks as my hair seems to like it but my scalp is a little hesitant to take to it.

It honestly kind of burns when i rinse with ACV. Does anyone else have this problem? how do you typically rinse with ACV?

Thank, ladies
Typing "ACV rinse" in the Google search bar above should give you plenty of hits to read about ACV.

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Here is a recent thread on this topic.
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I've never been a big fan of the ACV rinse. It does clarify a little but not enough for me, and like you I do find it stings a little. I actually get much better results doing lemon juice/condish half/half mix, letting it sit, and rinsing out. Almost squeaky clean but with slip, if that makes sense. I have never had stinging skin with it either.
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