Happy....but w/ a ?

Okay I'm going into my 3rd week curly. I've played around w/ the same routine I used to do that was PERFECT for me but now it doesn't seem to be workin'. All Jessicurl w/ Suave #8 hairspray (no cones).

The deva alone was to frizzy & the Jessicurl to floppy (not enough hold). So today I used my angel AND r.r. w/ a stronger (frizz ease) hairspray that does have cones in it. I got THE BEST HAIR DAY since going curly!!!! You see once my hair is diffused dry I diffuse hairspray into it to give it oomph!!!

Here's my ??? Will Jessicurl cleansing creme wash out the bit of cones in the Frizz ease hairspray???? Or should I buy some deva low-poo?? Right now I'm using deva NO-poo....
What exactly does the hairspray do for you? Perhaps with the right products you could avoid it all together.
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Hi! I need it to finish up the shape of my style. I just diffuse it into my curls at the end and it really makes a difference in the shape & it eliminates any frizz on my halo. So what do you think about a low-poo or something?

I have an email into Jessicurl to ask if the cleansing cream will wash that out.
Be careful; hairsprays can be drying.

Have you tried a hard hold gel instead? And maybe drying upside down?

As for the shampoo, you are better off consulting with the ingredient gurus on this site; they will give it to you straight.
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3miii/My HGs tame bulk&frizz/Give definition w/o crunch
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I agree w/Rudee that you'd do better to try to get gels to work for you because hairspray's are so drying. That said, I do on occasion still fall back on hairspray in a pinch, but I low poo fairly regularly so the silicones aren't a problem - it's the drying alcohol that I don't want.

No, I don't think Jessicurl hair cream will remove 'cones. You need to use a low poo maybe once a week or so if you're going to use silicones regularly, whether it's Deva brand or something else.

Here's a Curly Chemisit link about what it takes to remove various silicones. Most, if not all, can be removed w/coco betaine or other surfactants besides sulfates:


If I remember correctly, the hair cream doesn't contain a strong enough surfactant. If that's not correct, I'm sure whoever answers your question at Jessicurl will set us straight!
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Thanks so much girls. Unfortunately my hair doesn't like straight up gel to much. And using the hairspray has always been a key 4 getting my style right.

Maybe I will try Suave #10 next time instead of #8 & see how that works.....(no cones)

If not, I'll grab a bottle of low-poo and DT DT DT Still waiting to hear from Jessicurl on the subject!

Man I really need to get reaquainted w/ these curly rules he he!!!!

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