PLEASE HELP!!! Can i straighten my hair just ONCE without messing up my curls

im going to have a picture day in 2 days and my hair HATES me no-matter what style i try if its a twIst out or a braid out or ANYTHING it ALWAYS turns out frizzy

so the easiest thing i can do for the picture is just straighten it

but i really dont want to have damaged hair again and have to start transitioning all over again
I don't know if I will be in the minority on opinion with this, but I think that it will be ok to do ocassionally. Just make sure to do it in the least damaging way possibly and give your self a nice DT afterwards. You should get your pictures done with whatever hair style you feel most comfortable using.. go for it
I agree. Just once in a while should be OK - be sure to DT afterward and consider a protein treatment in a few days. Hope the picture turns out great
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Well I just flat ironed mine last night just so I could see how much length I had with it straight. Then I washed and conditioned my hair right after. My curls snapped back like I hadn't done a THING to my hair.

Here are some tips though:

1.) Use a heat protectant spray BEFORE you flat iron.

2.) Keep your flat iron on the lowest setting you can get away with and still get your hair straight.

3.) After you are finished wearing your straight style and are ready to go back curly.. do a nice deep conditioning treatment after your shampoo or co-wash.
I flat-ironed my hair the other day, and like Marah Mizrahi, and it came back just fine after washing it. I did a DT with an egg/mayo/olive oil mask before I washed it, and it was very soft and curly. I don't think flat-ironing occasionally is bad for your hair. I know it was nice to have a change in pace for a few days!
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I've seen people who have straightened just once and got heat damage. The tighter the coil the more susceptible they seem to be but people from all ranges of the curl spectrum can get heat damage from only one time or only a couple times. I wouldn't risk it if I were you. Perfecting a healthy hairstyle takes time and effort, straightening in this instance would be a short cut and like most short cuts it comes with a risk. If you can't find a cute down style, I would go with a classy updo and some cut earrings.

Read this link

And if you still choose to use heat, at least you are making an informed decision.

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What's your hair texture and porosity? If you have very delicate or porous hair it might be harsher on it. However I don't think it's a big deal to straighten it once. Use a heat protectant spray, but those tend to contain silicones as the heat protectant ingredient(s) so you'll need to shampoo with something to remove the cones and do a DT afterwards.
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Sometimes I get into a straightening kick. Some outfits I find just honestly look better with my hair straight (and the same can be said that some of my outfits look better with my curly hair). I like to switch it up pretty frequently, and my hair has never gotten damaged from it. Just make sure you protect your hair! I use ReMane Straight (by curly hair solutions) and it makes my hair super shiny and soft... and it doubles as a heat protectant!

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