Is washing at night possible for short hair?

Does anyone with short(ish) hair successfully shower at night and wake up with decent looking hair? If so, what's your night time and morning routine?

I would LOVE to be able shower at night instead of the morning to save some time, but every time I try it, I wake up looking like a weirdo! My hair is too short to pineapple right now. It's about halfway between chin and shoulder length when curly, and I'm growing out my bangs and I have some shorter layers in the back. When I wake up, the shorter parts stick straight up like springs... Definitely not the professional look I'm going for!

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I did my big chop years ago and i had the same problem with my hair.

Sometimes for whatever reason i needed to wash my hair at night(deep condish treatment) i would put in a leave on or a lil condish, place a clear plastic shower cap on and go to sleep. In the morning my hair would be moist still from my own "head heat" thus still have moist curls ie..wet hair!!!

You should try it


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My hair is just past my shoulders now but when I started CG it was about the same length as yours. I took my showers at night. I'd always wake up with scary hair. I would just wet it down with a spray bottle and style it. It was good to go and I didn't have to take my showers in the morning.
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I usually shower in the morning, but when I do shower at night I find that it works much better if I sleep on my stomach. This is fine for me because I prefer to sleep that way anyhow (always have). And I have a satin pillowcase. My curls are just as nice and frizz-free as they would be with a morning shower, but because they dry with no weight on them, they tend to be much more crazy (especially on top).
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Thank you for posting this question, badgercurls, and you guys for your advice... I am having the exact same problem, except I got a much shorter haircut than yours... and I love it! But it's been a nightmare to handle in the morning.

I cannot sleep on my stomach cause I get a bit of backpain, so I sleep on my back and on my sides most of the time, and in the morning, the back of my head is exactly as you describe it: shapeless, kind of like springs, with absolutely no elasticity... just a mass of horrendous hair And my biggest problem is, it is super hard to style, it doesn't seem to get wet as fast with water, and it doesn't seem to absorb any product, until I finally rinse/condish/shampoo it out... I keep repeating myself I won't flat iron it, I won't, I won't!!!

When the winter is here again, I hope I have some styling plan figured out...
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I have always showered at night -- just my preference to help me fall asleep. I always wake up looking like Godzilla, i spray it in the morning with some water and cond. shaken up and put my styling aids in and diffuse until about 3/4 dry. Take the clips out, put something in to help scrunch the crunch and off I go....
My hair is the same length, and I have a similar problem, especially since I basically have no opportunity to wash it before class. I aim for a few hours before bed so my hair is completely dry, then I scrunch out the crunch, and I use a satin sleep cap. When I wake up, because my hair is short, the elastic underneath scoops my hair into a weird position and it sticks straight out. But I just lightly wet it down with a spray bottle, which is usually just water but sometimes has a little aloe vera gel mixed in (I used to use conditioner and it worked great, but I'm too easily overconditioned to do that anymore). I shake really lightly so that the heavier, wet curls move a little bit, but I don't touch it with my hands because they frizz right up.

Sometimes I have a problem with weird clumping -- the middle and bottom of my hair are next to each other in the cap, and then they sort of... mutate and form a gigantic superclump that makes my hair look an easy three inches shorter on one side. I try to use a little water and gently try to disconnect them, with various levels of success. Oh well.


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Thanks everyone. I'm glad to know it's possible. I'll experiment with your suggestions to see what works for my hair.
I shower at night too, but usually at like 6pm so give my hair enough time to dry before pineappling. I do pixie-curl though also or else my hair would take forever. My hair is almost to my shoulders and I find it works great, even though a lot of it falls out of the pineapple
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Have you tried plopping overnight? I have been doing that for a while - I always wash my hair at night. Plopping gives me some weird things at the top of my head, but it's easily fixable with a little water and some clips - much quicker than washing all of your hair!
I'm hoping Mamacita will give a more detailed account of what she does that gives her such great results. Mamacita is your hair wet and you just use a leave-in and sleep with it? Or a DT? Or do you put conditioner on dry hair and sleep on it? I'd really like to try your method!

Thanks in advance.
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When i want to DT my hair at night i like my hair to be damp not soaking wet. I section my hair and apply my dt of choice. Once im finished i slick/brush/comb it back(depending on my mood i do one of them) and place my hair in a plastic cheapie shower cap. I throw one of my t-shirts on my pillow to catch the little drips that escape. In the am i take my shower cap off and rinse out the dt. Proceed to style as usual.

Now if i want to shower/bathe at night for whatever reason and have no second day hair i shampoo, rinse, condish, rinse, get out the shower. I use my microfiber towel to squeeze the excess water out. I apply a leave-in or small amount of reg. condish to damp hair insections. Slap on that shower cap and go to bed. In the am, take it off and style it...out the door i go!

If i run out of my DT i just use my reg. condish...something is better than nothing

You should wake up with moist hair in the am unless the shower cap came off and air got to it. The heat from your head cant escape because the cap is on
I guess depending on how wet you leave your hair the more wet/moist it will be when you wake up

Oh yeah, depending on if i comb my hair it will be curlier...brushed-clumpier HTH
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Perfect! Thanks a lot Mamacita - can't wait to try this out
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
Every day is a gift

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