Aloe vera gel makes my hair hard and tangled?


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OK, so here's an example of what aloe straight does to my hair:

I used 6 squirts of my The Body Shop Amlika leave-in conditioner. There was a good tbsp or more of the Darcy's left. My hair was blotted/squeezed dry with a towel so it was still quite damp or wet, but not dripping.

What should have been squishing sounds, as with the same amount of another product, started out as such, but immediately turned into nothing & feeling like I had dried my hair even more with the towel, or with the blow dryer, & needing more of something to get the squishing & thus clumping going.
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What you are describing there is exactly what my hair does with FOTE, but not with AOMM. I just assumed that since both contain aloe vera gel, aloe vera could not be the ingredient causing that phenomenon. I assumed it was some other ingredient in the FOTE. But Del made a good point in her post -- formulations and ingredient interactions are complex, so it's hard to know.

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