Okay, so I am looking for the perfect haircut for my hair.. it is long and has not been cut in the past 5 to 6 months. I do not put any product in it in the morning, but i just wake up and go with it natural, but i do use Tresseme Curl Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at night, and i do not dry it, but let it air dry while i sleep, making it completely unpredictable on how it will turn out. The reason why i go natural is because I can't find the perfect hair product for my hair! But before I do that, I want to find the perfect haircut for me!
I think i am a 2c or 3a. My hair is not straight for sure, but very, very thick and curly but not kinky curly, as you can see in my profile picture. I don't really have bangs, but because my hair is so long i have to put my "bangs" back in a bobby pin. They are just really long bangs.
I love having my hair parted to the side. The middle part just doesnt work with this head full of hair. And im not fan of short hair, so I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for 2c-3a hair that is long, thick and curly, and please post pictures, because that helps so much when i go to get it cut..
here are some pictures that i like, but i dont know if this type of bang would look good. Just keep in mind my profile picture and tell me what ya think!!



and by the way i have am a bit of a world traveling, chaco wearing, hippie type of style, so if you want to incorporate that in that would be great!!!!!
(I also have a picture attatched of a better pic of my hair.. so please look at it also!.. And ignore the hair wrap i have in it in that picture, because it is out now!)
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