Denman-ish brush!

I picked up a brush very similar to the denman & am looking forward to seeing what happens when I brush my condish & Joiwhip thru. Is that what I should do? Should I do it upside down or rightside up???

THANKS - again I know I'm asking tons of ???'s these days!!!
Hmmmm i'm not liking it to much. I brushed right side up & upside down after condish, then again after joiwhip while very wet then scrunched & plopped like usual???
When I brush right side up with it I brush out, not down. That way I don't get bad flat top. It takes alittle experimenting to see how your hair handles it.
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is a denman brush good for 3a hair? where do i buy one? and, i looked on their website, seems that there are many different types -- how do i select?
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