How do you cut this hair style?

I really like this hair style, but I can't quite work out how it is cut at the sides and the back to make it look like this.

Are there any hair geniuses here who can enlighten me?

Thank you

In case anyone was wondering this is Johnny Galecki.
Not really mate... But in fairness, we're not the ones who really need to... why not take this and a few more pics of this feller from different angles (google images is a godsend for such projects - just type in "dudes name" +images in the google search bar) into your hairdressers for a consultation and see how confident they feel about it. as professionals, theyll probably have much more idea about more obscure cuts and if theyll suit your hair type than we will.

looks to me though like hes got a close cut shave on most of his head, and just has long curly bangs.
UK Curly
Boots essentials range - Co-wash
Aussie Miracle Moist - Conditioner
Any non-cone Leavein I can find (its not easy)
Boots essentials - Gel

Always brush with a comb. and wrap in a microfibre towel to dry.

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