why does it do that?!

Okay, so here goes... I get my hair to look great one day, sleep, then the next day or so it looks awful. It frizzes everywhere and even when i condition it, then put a leave in conditioner in it as well, its still really frizzy then just starts feeling greasy and frizzy lol. If i shampoo it everyday its not as bad, doesnt seem to frizz as much, though there is still noticeable frizz, but it seems to pull my curls down and has more of a half wavy with super curly underneath and curly bangs lol. Looks retarded. So then i resort to straitening the tops and bangs and letting the rest just do its thing whether i like it or not. I dont have hours to spend each day combing product after product through it and styling. Im not a pro with my own hair yet, still learning how to take care of it after much of a life of battling with it being half wavy half curly lol Just want to find something to do/use on my hair to help with fizz and still be able to let it go and not have the curls weighed down... Just some helpful tips or advice on products would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
Are you doing anything special overnight to protect your curls (pineapple, satin cap, etc)?
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...er not really. Ive tried putting it into a light bun, braids, satin pillow case.. those sorts of things. lol. Nothing really seems to help in that aspect. Like i said, im new with actually trying to take care of my curls. It seems like it was so much easier to manage when it was longer (mid back to butt), i never had to do anything with it but some gel, now that its shorter (about ribs) it goes crazy and seems to require more attention (and product) to look good, as crazy as it sounds, the longer it is, the better and more it curled lol.
Lol, my hair is about the same length as yours and I consider it too long! I'm actually getting it cut in about an hour.

There are a few options for sleeping and keeping the curls safe. One of the most popular is the pineapple. This is basically a ponytail that sits directly on top of your head using a covered scrunchie. It doesn't leave a dent if done loose enough. I modified mine a bit because my hair was longer. Here is a visual of that (though right now I'm only using one big clip and two smaller ones on the sides).

Here's a thread with some other options:

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Thanks for the tip! I'll try that this evening and see if it helps . The bun-like thing i tried with my hair just made it frizz like crazy lol. Looked better just to let it be and roll around on it, which i am a very active sleeper, so im told lol. By the way, your hair is gorgeous!
No problem! I've tried just about everything and this seems to be the best way for me. I toss and turn a lot, and as long as it's directly on top of my head, I don't end up with a frizzy mess or a headache from the clips. Good luck! And thanks!
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