i picked up a few nubian heritage soaps at my whole foods- they have some really lovely-smelling bars and tout their products as 'all-natural & organic' (ingredient list seems to confirm this!). i finally tried the hemp, vetiver, and neem oil one this morning as a 'shampoo' (have been having itchy scalp lately and was hoping the neem would help), and i'm not yet sure how i feel about them. they actually seemed to dry out my hair less than the other natural shampoo bars i've used, which i've always followed with an ACV rinse and then conditioner b/c they've left me stiff and squeaky clean. i used both an ACV rinse and a conditioner this morning after the soap bar, and i'm thinking that i actually could have done without one or the other! so, while my hair is a little lank today, i'm hesitant to pass judgment, as i'd like to test it out with maybe just conditioner following. i'm encouraged by the fact that my hair felt pretty smooth after just the bar!

so, anyone else use these to wash and have any opinions? or maybe other store-bought natural soaps?
Mel- 3b, blonde, normal to fine, chin-length.