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jackiec 09-04-2009 07:11 AM

my first Curlmart order- what should I buy?
I have fine 3a/3b curls that tend to fall flat when the dew points drop. Cut into a highlighted bob, but I don't have much problem with dryness. I'm interested in buying KCCC, and not sure if I should get anything else. I'm looking for curl enhancing, curl holding products.


wavy wonder 09-04-2009 07:21 AM

CJ CCCC is a favorite around here. Have you tried KC out yet? i never was able to get on board with it? just didn't work for me:( I personally would say to try a sample before you pay the $30, or what ever it is.
I like JC CC and RR, but they are drying so it's not something you use every day.
GL and have fun:) happy shopping!!!!!

jackiec 09-04-2009 07:27 AM

sample of KCCC?
I would love to sample KCCC, but not sure where I could get one ....

wavy wonder 09-04-2009 07:33 AM

kathy mack on this board sells samples:) i would try out a bunch of products.
Some of my fav's are in my siggy. But not sure what works for me would work for you.
also, some the companies will send you samples if you ask:)-
JC is great for maximizing your curls. But it is drying.
A big favorite on the board right now is homemade FGS. I know a lot of the girls makes it here on the board and I'm sure you could find someone one to sample some out to you... for a small fee, of course.
I personally would try sample products before i made the big plunge to spend 20.00 and 30.00 or hair products...
ETA-- just looked at your photos. I really think your hair would benefit from FSG:)

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