OKay, this might sound stupid, but I'm fairly uneducated on curls: Can I put lotion in my hair? Like Aveeno lotion. Or is that going to be bad? I saw a product called "shea butter" Curlmart and was like "isn't that a lotion?" That's where the question came from.
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I like the idea of it since it's so difficult for me to buy CG hair products where I live. I just tried it yesterday but it was so hot that I couldn't wear my hair down. I'll experiment
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i honestly have thought about this, but I have never tried it. I always talk myself out of it. i want to though.
I've thought about using some of the body butters that I've seen because those are more available than the kind for hair... at least in my area.
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The one time I used lotion on my hair, it dulled it. Which makes sense because skin lotions are mean to leave a matte finish not make skin shiny.
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