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Air drying takes a very long time and diffusing on the low speed is not much better. Do any of you diffuse on the high speed?
Personally, I think it depends on your hair. I know everyone here will read this and gasp, but a few years ago, i would dry my hair with a blow dryer on high heat with no diffuser...at all. I could turn my head upside down, and toss the hair around...didn't matter. I still came out with frizz free defined curls. However, at the time, my hair was very very long (I think the extra weight helped) and had little to no damage (i had regular trims, no chemical processing at all, well conditioned and cared for). I was also much more product happy then than now, and i believe i only used the blow dryer (my only vice at the time) two...occasionally three times a week.

Oh what i would give to be in that boat again.

I ONLY diffuse on high heat, high fan -- it doesn't take that long that way. I move the dryer w/diffuser around trying not to mess up the curl pattern -- mine is dry in about 10 min., well I don't dry all the way - probably to about 75% and my hair is just below ear length and fine/med porosity but I have a lot of hair. I read somewhere you are better off drying hot, high fan for shorter amounts than low heat, low fan for longer periods. I don't know -- just works for me.
I only have 2 speeds to my dryer, and I diffuse on high, but rarely from soaking wet. I air dry to around 60-80% then diffuse. The ceramic and tourmaline features really help.
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I diffuse on high heat low fan because I just don't have much time to dry my hair. I let it air dry after it is about 80% dry so in hopes that it reduces the damage.
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when i diffuse i do diffuse on high heat. i wait between 1/2 hour to an hour, then i diffuse upside down for about 3 minutes and i keep moving the diffuser around. my hair is not 100% dry, but it is mostly dry and i can go out with it. like suburnbushbabe, i also have a t3 hair dryer -- personally, i think it makes a big difference. i've had it for 5 years and i think it is the ONLY dryer i've ever used that did not cause my hair to frizz. supposedly there is something about the materials in the dryer that make the hair dry faster on less blow drying time.
make sure you deep condition once a week.
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add me to drying their hair on high as well.
me too - I don't have time to let it air dry or dry on cool in the mornings - plus I need the lift I get diffusing.
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