Can someone pls confirm with me whether silicones act as humectants or emillients? Cuz i have been reading up and im so confused.

And is it true that emollinets can also be a humectant at the same time?

sorry if the questions sound dumb.. i need to use more anti-humectants products cuz i am living in a VERY hot and humid place.
My understanding is that silicones act as anti-humectants. Humectants pull water to themselves (either from the hair in low dew points -- bad, or from the air to the hair in mid dew points -- very good, or pull too much in very high dew points -- not so good). Silicones, on the other hand, coat and 'seal' the hair so that water cannot leave.
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Wow, phetish, this is a huge question.

Silicones were created to smooth the hair, so I guess you could say they are more in the emollient category, even though technically an emollient is supposed to soothe/soften. There are such a variety of silicones, though, that classifying them is difficult. Some "breathe" better than others and so their humectant qualities probably range quite a bit, but I agree with tendrilly that thinking of them as humectants is probably not accurate.

Silicones are often used to keep moisture out of hair, so if you're living in a humid place, maybe they'd work well for you -- as long as you're prepared to shampoo them out to prevent build-up.
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