Donna Marie... what in the world

Ok seriously the woman is driving me nuts. She just reformulated her products over the summer and she just did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh it's starting to get on my nerves. Everytime she does it I fall in love with what she has and then it's gone.
Seems odd. Which products have been re(re)formulated?
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LOVE CJ products but CJ is no longer sold in Europe and does not ship to Europe so looking for other products. Like Crown Pride and Curly Kinks.
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MiraCurl Curling Gelly was reformulated because there were issues with the honeyquat "holding" up in the heat. Some people had problems with the gel becoming more liquid. I haven't noticed a difference in the two formulas, they are both fabulous. She is going to manufacturing the products. Hopefully, that will provide for continuity and consistency.
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i love the HJ. Does anyone know if that was reformulated to a different name??? what about CCB???

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i love the HJ. Does anyone know if that was reformulated to a different name??? what about CCB???
Originally Posted by wavy wonder
Techincally, according to Ayanna, the MiraCurls REPLACED the HJ - it is not the HJ renamed or repackaged. I have both and the HJ is HG for me - so far the MC has been meh.
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