making progress, but still struggling...(long)..but appt w/struttswife in2wks! is me just 4 months ago.
My routine was shampoo with L'anza for dry hair,
condition with JC Too Shea, then JC CCSS, followed by <glup> John Frieda frizz ease lite serum, then Curlisto Gel. Plop, diffuse dry and then use a curling iron on those strands that needed it (most of the front around my face b/c otherwise it was frizz). Then spray with frizz ease hair spray...and my hair looked like this all day...this picture was taken at 6pm after working all day.

So..I know...I can see the frizz and the fakey curls but this was my routine for the last 2 years. I know what the silicones did and that's why I had to shampoo every day and b/c of that I needed the curling iron to reintroduce the curls b/c all what I was doing to my hair was actually killing them...

One month on modified CG
today, here is a shot of the back of my hair:

This is approx 1 month of modified CG. Today, this is the result of co wash with JC Too Shea, CK (soaking wet in the the shower), then once not as wet, some KCCC. Plopped for a few minutes, then mostly air dry with some diffuser.

I've found that pretty much every combination of products that I use give me very similar results from the back.

What I am struggling with is the front...
No volume on the crown & frizz or flat down the front sides. Probably b/c that is the part of my hair that is most damaged. But I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Here's what I think I know about me:

Texture: fine
Porous...? I would think with all the damaging things I've done, it probably is porous but when I do the tests, it doesn't seem that I am, so I don't know....

Elasticity is kind of low.

I think my cul pattern is 2A with some 3A where it is longer (underneath I get ringlets with no effort, but b/c the top is layered and shorter, not so much).

I do well with most JC products. I've done ok with CJCCCC and I think, with practice, KCCC might be something really good for me.

I can not find a gel that works...they all add to the frizz factor (BRHG, Aussie, Biotera).

But, any suggestions to get some control on the hair around my face? I've tried clipping for volume with minimal success. Do I just need to wait out the damage?

Oh...and I live in Florida...where it is always humid.
Good news is in 3 weeks, I'm going to Tampa for the weekend and made an appt with Tiffany/struttswife!

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Gosh what a difference your hair looks great! My advice would be to wait for your apt with Struttswife as she'll advise on front of hair and rather than buy more products just now wait to see what she recommends.
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No advice, just wanted to say your hair is STUNNING!
I agree - what an improvement!! Tiffany will guide you from here
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Well I am going to go out on a limb since I am a curly stylist and say this: Too much product for someone with fine hair. Try one thing at a time. I suspect that a little leave in on the hair from the ears down, and Rocking Ringlets only, and see if that doesn't solve the problem. All the other things are soooo heavy for you. I have fine hair and I am always looking for lift. Read up on clipping your roots also. Remember you want to apply product in a scrunching, cupping, squishing way with the curls falling away from your head. If you are applying product to the roots of your hair on top of your head while you are upright, this could be the problem, tip your head over, and then to one side and then to the other side when you apply so the hair is falling away from the scalp.
Try that and let me know if it helps or if you need more coaching untill you get your appointment.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm struggling with the same thing.

I've recently discovered that less is more. I thought I had to use a ton of stuff for hold. I don't. The heavier stuff weighs it down, but lighter stuff doesn't always make it poof out. Sometimes it really is all about product.

I used mousse the other day and it held better than my firm hold gel did. who knew? lol.
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement and nice words!

And Cynthia, I have printed your post and have it ready with my JC RR to try tomorrow!
One good thing about Monday morning...I look forward to waking up to try yet something different for my hair...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and nice words!

And Cynthia, I have printed your post and have it ready with my JC RR to try tomorrow!
One good thing about Monday morning...I look forward to waking up to try yet something different for my hair...

Originally Posted by blondie729
Great, I am so curious to see how it turns out, let me know how it is at like 12 and then at 8. How long it lasts is important too.
Your hair really has made such a remarkable transformation. I was wondering how it worked for you today! Pictures?
So...I used just RR this morning after my leave in (KBB milk).
I plopped for about 8 minutes (meant to do only 5 but had to iron a shirt). When I took it out of the plop, I could tell some of the shorter layers needed a bit more curl definition, so I used a tiny bit of KCCC on those ends after rewetting just a bit.

I air dried for about 15-20 minutes, then diffused for about 5 minutes until I was 90% dry. I had much better volume!!! I also had curl around my face again! I did have some crown frizz so I used CJ Aloe fix on that. I got a picture of the back but ran out of time to get shots of the front (otherwise my daughter would have missed the bus!)

It held until 3, so at work I had to use some L'oreal spray gel (Vive Pro Glossy Curls) which I keep in my desk. I sprayed just a couple squirts on each side and they perked right back up (although a bit crunchy).

At 5:30, I was in a light rain outside getting something for the yard and 30 minutes of yard work & then a 30 minute workout. So, right now, my crown is flat from being outside in misty rain & humidity...but get frizz!

All in all a good hair day! Thank you Cindy!

Your hair looks great! I hope the new tips keep working for you. Your hair looks so much healthier already.

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Ok that's what I like to hear, I suspect that you didn't use enough product. So make sure your hair is soaked but squeezed out and put like five or six palmfulls of rr in your hair, focus on distribution too. Then when you are thru scrunching add more to the areas that frizzed up (put more leave in in those areas too and the condish you rinse out in the shower also, that was backwards wait, shower, leave in, rr just to be clear (LOL) these areas are dryest on your hair so they are sucking up environmental moisture. I think your hair looks fab!!
What beautiful hair...I am looking forward to our appointment. And we will definitely be doing a whole lot of talking about products and styling!
- Tiffany
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