Product recs for 2b/3a hair types

nobody answered my question on the '2 board'. it was my first post so im a complete noob

i just found this forum and was totally blown away.
I have been researching and i realized that i need to be a modified CG, because i have BSL 2b/3b? medium texture wavy-curly hair.
My idea is:
Co-wash every day with some sort of (CG friendly) V05 conditioner, probably whichever smells best, from roots-tip.
low-poo with Avalon Ylang Ylang shampoo 2-3 times a week
rinseout with GVP conditioning balm

any special techniques or tips, i know i should use a old cotton t-shirt to try my hair. plus there is talk about something called plopping??

now i just need styling product recs. from drugstores, walmart or health food stores. im not sure if i want a gel or a mousse, but i know i do NOT want crunchy/wet looking hair. i like volume in my hair. kinda like this picture:

im aware my hair wont be that curly but yeah, the general look is what i want. thank you!!
Hi! My hair is wavy/curly too. I used mostly products that I get online, but I can share some styling techniques that might help. First, do you have a diffuser for your blowdryer? If not, you should use one when drying. You can learn how to plop at Look up her demo videos -- she calls it "plunking," but it's the same thing. In order to avoid flat top, I clip my roots. If you search around this site, you will see different techniques with video links.

Good luck!
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For your hairtype and goals try the VO5 Clarifying condish for a CO wash and the Rinse out of your choice (GVP wasnt moisturizing enough for me). Then get the HESMU gel (in the Tube) or BBFSG.

Good luck!
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i know the other one is herbal essences set me up gel, but yeah what is the one above?
I've got almost BSL 2b/c hair. I've really been liking the kiss my face upper management gel. I actually use a small amount of VO5 condish as my leave-in under it.

I mostly low-poo and only co-wash when my hair feels dry, I just can't seem to get 2 solid days out of a co-wash, where-as I can sometimes go 3 with a low-poo. I wash with a shikai shampoo and use aubrey GVP condish, when I co-wash I use suave coconut or Vo5 extra body.

Also, are you sure the avalon shampoo is CG? I'm pretty sure their conditioners have cones.
i know the other one is herbal essences set me up gel, but yeah what is the one above?
Originally Posted by wakeupalanna
BoticelliBotanicals flax seed gel - check her out on etsy
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