Hair help?

My hair has very defined curls underneath, but on top my curls are just wavy. Is that how my hair is naturally? Am I doing something wrong when I style it? Is there a way to define the curls on top more? I'd appreciate some help
I want to know the same thing. The canopy
@ the back of my head is not nearly as curly as the it sometimes looks like I just forgot the back of my head. It drives me nuts. I have put my hair in a ponytail when I go to bed for years- I use a cloth scrunchy- but if that will pull out the curl, why hasn't it happened on the front?
It's probably just my curl pattern, but it irks me On a good hair day the back is waves/loose fat curls toward the ends while the front is tighter spiral curls.
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Canopy is what is exposed to the elements, so is the most damaged part of anyone's hair. Many complain of the same issues.
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I agree. I'd recommend looking around the boards to see what others are doing, especially their styling methods. My hair used to be like that too, and I learned not to brush or comb it, and to use my fingers to get tangles out (only after putting conditioner in!) If you're brushing (especially dry hair) or blow drying without a diffuser, that would definitely cause your waves and curls to fall out.

For me, diffusing (blow drying but using the diffuser attachment) boosts my curls. However, it can also cause a bit of frizz on the surface.

If you tell us your current routine, we can help you figure it out better.


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