PJ's and conditioner junkies....are you recycling your plastic bottles?

I was going through fotkis tonight and I noticed that some people had 20+ bottles of conditioner that they will probably never use, or they use it up just to get rid of it. It got me thinking about how much conditioner us curly girls go through in a year and how much plastic we throw away. Do you recycle your bottles and jars?
Im sitting here thinking about all the empty bottles I threw away these past three years I've been into my hair. Ugh!
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I recycle as I make my own fsg and am always looking for bottles!
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I recycle as I make my own fsg and am always looking for bottles!
Originally Posted by curlyhairmichuk
+1 on that, and I also take bottles back to be refilled when possible. The ones I can't re-use, I recycle.
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In my local community, recycling plastics #1 (PETE) and #2 (HDPE) is mandatory, and so far all the hair products I've emptied seem to be packaged in bottles from one of those two plastics, so yes, I recycle them.

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Yes to all of the above.
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Now that I am in the "hair swapping/selling" business, I recycle every thing from popcorn boxes to hair care bottles
No. There is no recycling collection where I live.
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I do

Red, do you mean no curbside collection, or no bins anywhere near you or what? Or are you being sarcastic? Not judging, just curious.
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I don't have curbside recycling collection in my area so I take my plastic bottles to a recycling center where they pay you for your bottles and glass. However, they only take food containers even though the bottles have 1 or 2 on the bottoms. I hate throwing away all that plastic so I guess I'll have to find a place that will take them.
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I do

Red, do you mean no curbside collection, or no bins anywhere near you or what? Or are you being sarcastic? Not judging, just curious.
Originally Posted by goobernut
My suburb doesn't do curbside recycling for some reason.

The section on the county website that lists where to take stuff hasn't worked in years. To be honest, if the drop off was out of my way, I probably wouldn't use it anyway.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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I put them in the recycle bin, but I don't re-use them -- except for the trial or sample sizes. I like to use those for my gym bag and travel.
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I'm finally recycling all of them, now that my town finally accepts more plastics than it used to.

I am also very excited any time I can refill a bottle, or use a rejected conditioner for things like leg-shaving. I'm with you, though -- when I see all those bottles, the urge to simplify does strike.

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Hmmmm, well I reuse some bottles for FSG and for batches of my DT, and the rest go to my 9mo old daughter. She finds empty containers far more fascinating than any toy we buy her!
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I do a combo of reusing the bottles for my homemade concoctions and throwing them away since my apartment complex does not offer recycling. Taking them to a recycling center is not an option, since I only have a bicycle... large loads and long distances are not really feasible.

However, there is an aveda store very close by where I can recycle all of the bottle caps.

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