How do you find a salon that has a stylist that knows how to cut curly hair?

I really want to find a salon in the Fresno CA area that knows how to cut type 2c hair. I'm in my middle 60's and I don't think I have had a really good haircut in years. Please help!
The best way is to ask someone who has a haircut that you like and her hair looks like your hairtype. Not always possible to find that.

Also, when you go to the salon, take pictures that look like you want your hair to turn out. You can google short curly hair pictures, or medium (long) whatever, curly hair pictures. That way, if you have a good stylist, s/he will really see what you want. Good luck!
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Call around, and ask if there is a stylist in that salon that specializes in curly hair. That's what I did, and found an amazing stylist.

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This site has some excellent resources, micki. In fact, my 79-year-old mother who lives in Rhode Island recently found a great stylist last week by using this link:

Also, there is a whole section of the forum that is dedicated to stylist recommendations:

If you do a search for the area you live in and limit your search to that section of the forum, you should be able to find some possibilities. If not, start a thread there with Fresno in the subject line and see if others might be able to recommend someone. Good luck!
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Call around, and ask if there is a stylist in that salon that specializes in curly hair. That's what I did, and found an amazing stylist.

Originally Posted by wookiemouse
Meh. This method failed for me. No one is going to say "oh sry, no we don't!" because everyone wants to make business!

Your best bet is looking one up in the directory on this website.

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