How do you use your Biotera gel and curl creme?

They both make my hair really smooth, frizz-free and soft but seem to deflate it and give me no curl. Lately I've been using the curl creme, the gel, and then a mousse just so my hair doesn't fall flat. I apply both the creme and gel only by scrunching.

Does anyone have any techniques they'd like to share? Thanks
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I don't use the bioterra curl creme, but I do love the gel. However, my hair does tend to frizz out by the end of the day.

Yesterday I tried something new. I added a pea sized amount of BRHG to my bioterra gel and raked that into my hair (after applying boots curl creme) and my hair was great! I had next to no frizz and it had just enough hold and lasted throughout the day. Hopefully, this wasn't just a fluke (I guess I'll find out this morning when I wash).
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I use the curl creme over my leave in (gvp cb) and my hair ends up with a soft hold but nice and soft and shiny. I have used the gel without the curl creme over my leave in as well and got slightly better results in terms of hold. Only thing is that I think my hair feels a bit dry at the end of the day after using the gel. I have used the two together but can't remember how good the results were...I think it was too much product for me.
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A few pumps of the curl creme and a squirt of Jessicurl confident coils, rub hands together, makes a killer curly combo. Top it off with Curl Keeper to combat frizz and Im guaranteed a great curlicious day!
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I also add a pea-sized amount of BRHG to the Biotera gel.

The only time I use the cream is when I've colored my hair. The scent is srong enough to mask the scent of the hair color.

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