Can anyone tell me what type hair I have?

I've been lurking for awhile and decided to become a member and post. I wear my hair mostly straight all the time and thinking of buying the keratin treatment to do at home. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to embrace my curls. Although I like to have the option I prefer my hair straight and many people have told me that they prefer it straight also.

I'm getting a wealth of information from you ladies and just started co-washing yesterday and my hair feels and looks much better. I'm just wondering what type hair I have? I have very dry and porous hair.

Thanks! I've attached my curly hair pics don't have any straight hair pictures as I am at work.
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Can anyone tell me what type hair I have?-my-pictures.jpg  
i'd say a 2a or b with LOT'S of potential. Going CG could possibly bring you to a 3
you look to have medium hair. Not sure is it coarse???
Thanks Wavywonder I do have pretty coarse hair and my hard water at home is not helping it any. I plan on getting a water filter for my shower this weekend.

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I'd say 2b/2c. I agree about the potential. I think that curl would only get closer to your roots if you started to really take care of them

Fine/thin 2c/3a, Low-Medium Porosity, Dry!

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