is cutting curly hair necessary?

Potentially rookie question I know but... is it necessary?

As far as "looks" go, I have the kind of coarse raggedy 3a/2c curls which look unruly no matter how pretty my ends are, so it doesnt matter so much for aesthetics.

Im mostly talking for general maintenance.... is it true that cutting your hair enables it to grow faster as a result of better health?

will it frizz less?

or does cutting hair just make it shorter?

its one of those hair mysteries that Ive never really been able to pin down a 100% certain answer for, so I would appreciate any and all comments you girls have to offer ;o)
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Hi - Cutting hair will not make it grow faster. The growth is determined in the hair follicle and by your general health. That said, if you have split ends, you must cut them off otherwise they will just continue to split up the hair shaft.

I don't know how cutting influences frizz except that razors should be avoided because a razor cut causes much more frizz than a scissors. A razor cut frays the ends.

Hope that's helpful!
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I find that a good hair cut makes my hair just sit better on my head. When I started going to a curly stylist who really knew her stuff, it made all the difference in the world to my curls. I really can't personally overemphasize how much I love getting a curl cut from my stylist because she really understands what she's doing and knows how to cut my fine hair to make it look like there is more volume, how to make the ends looks nice, etc etc

That being said, I don't think a haircut will do much for frizz. That's a problem concerning your hair not having enough moisture or being damaged or wanting something. You may have less frizz because the salon used certain products, but I don't think you can put any of that results into the cut itself

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If you have split ends, they will contribute to the frizz problem, so IMO it's a good idea to get a trim every once in a while.
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Yes, everyone needs to get old ends trimmed off at least a couple of times a year, if nothing else. And Curlypearl's right - no razors, thinning shears or texturizing.
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