Curl 'cream' combo

While not both curl creams a combo of Boots pink curl cream and AOMM have been working great in my hair under BHRG. I often have issues getting boots distributed in my hair so by mixing the two in my hand I get better distribution and I think the AOMM helps counteract the alcohol in the Boots. Keep in mind it has been much cooler/dryer here in the Northeast and Boots works better for me in the cooler/cold weather.
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I frequently use the AOMM to distribute "thicker" products--like CJ Aloe Fix. It's a great "extra" to have around for that and other purposes.
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OMG kathy, that's brilliant, I'm gonna have to mix my AOMM with the CJ AF. Just a little too much CJ AF and my hair is weighed down.


Xcptnl -- I'm glad you posted this, because I had decided that I was gonna wait until december (we don't really have winter here lol) to get ahold of some pink boots, since every one says that its not good in warmer weather. I wasn't sure of the consistency and didn't know how it compared to other curl cremes (of which I have given up on).
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