Canopy is always crunchy

My canopy hair (the pieces on top) are always crunchy no matter what product I use. My hair underneath is always softer. I love the HETT mousse on my 'under' hair and some of the cheaper gels, even the Lustrasilk OOC is decent, but my top hair is always crusty. And of course lacking in curl.
Any ideas about softening the curl on my top pieces?
Simple and cheap CG since May 2009

Co-wash with Suave Naturals Coconut
HETT or Set me Up gel, SOTC with AVG
That's it!
Do you scrunch out the crunch after your hair dries? I turn my hear upside down to SOTC and sort of run my fingers through my roots. This get rid of any crunch I have.

Have you tried clipping to get more root curl? It really help me alot to clip.

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