EEK! I don't know if it's over load on protein

or Oc'ed. I did a PT on Thursday followed with Aussie 3 minute miracle, followed with a lo poo (wasn't sure the aussie would build-up) my hair felt try later in the day so I put GVP conditioing balm in my hair and slept with it. I washed it out the next day. All seemed fine.
Last night i used a soap bar followed by ACV rinse , followed by my favorite curl enchancers JC RR and CC. My hair barely looked wavey while i was styling. Usually after a PT and a soap bar i should has some pretty curl hair. My hair dried and it was BLAH! i was so disappointed in my hair (it was the first time i've used JC RR and CC and not had fabulous curls). Today i co-washed and used KBB milk as my wash out. I styled with komaza coconut creme and CJ CCCC. My hair looked pretty decent wheni went out (i was out apple picking all day). When i got into my car my hair looked for shiat. It was almost straight and totally frizzy. Which now i recall last night my hair was sorta frizzy when i got out of the shower, so i added a teeny , tiny bit of GVP. Any who. I just showered , and water washed my hair. I applied so KBB creme to it as i was convinced my hair is super dry. Now my hair feel really straw like.... but i'm not totally sure it is. It feels harder for sure. So now i don't know if i'm oc'ed or op'ed. So in any case, what the heck should i do ??? help!
Wavy, I'm a total novice so I might not be much help, but it sounds so much like what I just went through. I'm leaning toward over-proteined as the explanation for my hair, b/c as I've avoided protein over the last few days and tried to really moisturize, it's felt better.

I'm planning to avoid protein for a while to see if things continue to improve. When I've been over-conditioned in the past it usually just feels really soft but dull and limp. Of course, that was in the days of silicones, so who knows how much that had to do with it.

Sorry I'm not much help! Good luck!

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thanks short-
The thing that is boggling me is i do a pt every week. I also use Coconut suave conditioner on a weekly basis. So i did everything i do every week. But i feel ike it might be op'ed too. Part of me feels oc'ed because of the 3 minute miracle plus GVP...and i slept with it in my hair. Ahhhh. I wish i definitely knew so i knew what steps to take forward. and i agree my situations sounds exactly like yours.
ok... so now my hair is drying and doesn't feel really straw like. Why would it have while wet? was it possibly the residue from the products i had in my hair today??? So now i'm thinking i'm oc'ed.
In that case, what do i do. Water wash for the next few days??? help. It's been awhile.
I tried the Aussie 3 MM a long time ago and my hair felt the same. I think I'd try a baking soda/conditioner wash followed by ACV rinse. This usually helps me when I've been playing around with too many DT's and products.
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I would just use a gentle low-poo and skip the conditioner for a day. I use the one in my sig and it's moisturizing enough for me to use without CO every so often. If necessary you could use a dab of leave-in. And go light on the styling products for a day or so. Good luck!
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thank you everyone. I'm really starting to believe it's oc'ed. Thanks for all your input.
I too am going through something similar. I've been CG 2 mos (modified as I low poo with soap bars) and my hair is kind of limp, very soft, and has more frizz than I'm used to. What was curly has now gone to wavy even though underneath I still have all the ringlet's and all.

I think I'm OC'd. I bought some Emergencee yesterday to do a P/T so I'll try that today. Also I think I'm sensitive to the Behent...Sulfate stuff as when I use products with this in my hair seems to get too soft and silky. To the point the other day someone asked me if I was straightening again

It's also possible that, since my hair is growing at a fast rate, it is now just too long even though I got a cut in August. My hair is curlier when short...I'd rather have the curls then length so may get another cut.

Anyway let us know how it turns out and how it's working. Your hair is gorgeous!!! I just got some JC CCSS and RR from the swap since you said you like them so much and they are GREAT! (sorry for the guano!)
FIA 2c/3aFi

Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

Beware of JC as they can/will dry out your hair. I don't use RR and CC very often. But i have been using homemade FSG which has a bit of the mag sulfate in it and i have noticed it may be drying me out a little. I think i need to lay off the FSG for a bit. BUT OF HOW i LOVE THEE...
Yeah, i definitely think i'm oc'd. I think i'm just going to water wash again today and then hope that tomorrow i'm back on track.
I THINK it's the castor oil in a soap bar i've been using. That or is from KBB and as far as I can tell no one has had any problems with KBB. I'm going to lay off my soap bar with castor oil and see if my curls decide to return.
My hair has felt so dry and frizzy and I read on another thread castor oil can do that to ya. Whew! i hope i got it!

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