Carol's Daughter

Are Carol's Daughter hair products good?

What exactly is the hair milk used for?
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density
If you do a search you will find that most don't care for them. I really tired to like them, but the hair milk made my hair dry and greasy at the same time. There are tons of great products out there. I wouldn't waste my money on these.

Hair milk is a conditioner of sorts. I tried to use the CD hair milk as a leave in. I used KBB hair milk as a rinse out, but a lot of people use it as a leave in.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

HGs: Anything Sevi; Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Curlycue ReNew and Coil Jam; homemade FSG and okra gel; soap bars; UFD Curly Magic; Botanical Spirits Jellies, CJ Repair Me, Aloe Fix
Thank you for the info. That really helps.
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density

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