Applying gel with paper towel

I saw an article that was on AOL yesterday with tips from Lorraine Massey about caring for curly hair. It was essentially the same tips covered in detail here on the boards but it also included a tip to apply gel to the crown of your head using a paper towel to cut down on frizziness. The photo beside this tip showed a woman with a limp paper towel draped over the top of her head. Not a very attractive look!

Here's the description of the method from the article: If you use gel for hold, try this trick: spread gel onto a paper towel, then let it soak solely into the top of your hair, where the frizzies tend to rear their ugly, um, hairs.

Although I'm a relative newbie, I've read lots & lots of posts on the boards here and I haven't come across this technique. Has anyone heard of it or tried it? If so, how did you do it? I really couldn't figure out how to even attempt it.
Yup, that's something Lorraine Massey is known for recommending. I've never tried paper towels. They're certainly going to be better than a terrycloth towel for curly hair, but I'd think it'd get kind of expensive. Have you tried something like a t-shirt? That's what I usually use.
The paper towel wasn't used for drying. You somehow put gel on the paper towel and drape it over your wet hair. Here's a link to the article: It's photo #3 in the series.

It's a technique I've never heard of and I just wondered if anyone else had.
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Hmm, it would be interesting to try. I wonder if it would work with a T-shirt anyway? Maybe I'll give it a shot and get back to you.

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