How do you apply curl creams?

How do you apply curl creams? Scrunch? Rake? Smooth? Experiences, please!
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I'm a scruncher with almost every product except leave ins. Sometimes I will rake a thinner cream through first, comb it, then scrunch some more in.

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Like just about everything else, this varies from person to person. I like to rake curl cream through my hair with my fingers and then scrunch. The raking helps ensure that the product is distributed well and the scrunching helps the curl to start doing its thing.
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If I use a curl cream I rake it through then comb it then scrunch. (Alll with head down) I find if I don't comb I sometimes miss places.
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I rake it and scrunch
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I scrunch and smooth it in.
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Scrunch, squeeze in, then smooth down length then rake and smooth to separate and clump curls. Do this in about 5 informal sections. Crown gets applied upside down.
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My base gel and leave in conditioner I rake through with my fingers just to have coverage at the roots and to seperate the soaking wet curls also helps get the excess water to drain. After that my finish gel is scrunched in, my hair doesn't like to be handled that much as it sets up its curls for the day.

Most everything is dependent on your head, take a couple weekends and see what works and doesn't..
I rake in my leave-in, but I have to scrunch everything else. The more my hair gets handled as it dries, the less it likes me that day.

I also think that even distribution is not that big of a deal to me, because if my hair is clumping up anyway then all that really matters is that product is applied to the outsides of the clumps. Scrunching product in accomplishes this nicely.
If I rake I get stringy curls. So I've shifted to kind of smoothing them in and then scrunching being careful not to separate my strands with my fingers while scrunching. I do kind of a palm scrunching. Works great!

I do this with the IceQueen method--works wonders for me!
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Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

Im with the majority on this one ;o) Im a scruncher. although I use kinky curly sometimes more for the extra shine than as a gel and I just rake that through when my hair is sopping wet... then I air dry for a bit before adding gel and scrunching in gently but meticulously... same goes for when Im applying throughout the day to dry hair for the frizzes...I emolsify the gel in my hands, then smooth downwards over the "aura" of my hair (ie, not brazenly touching the body of the hair, but just catching the wispy bits) from root to tips... then veeeery delicately scrunch ;o)

Im still looking for the ideal gel for daytime/dry hair purposes although I ordered "tweek" off the britishcurlies site last night so Ill keep you girls posted on how it holds up ;o)
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Any non-cone Leavein I can find (its not easy)
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Always brush with a comb. and wrap in a microfibre towel to dry.

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