Pls help me look professional

Hi!! I am new to the forum but have been lurking for some time while trying to make the decision to embrace my curls. My problem is that my curls are kind of wild and it is not the most professional look. I am in sales and I recently had one of my clients comment on my new "sexy" hair. Not really the look I am going for. I have been CG for 11 days and my pattern is getting better day by day but I have yet to do a full day without pulling it into a ponytail or headband due to frizz. I am very hopeful that the CG method will help me tame the frizz but need some suggestions on how to get through the transition. I am going for a curly cut in October.

I currently co wash (daily since I seem to be trying something new everyday!!) and use the same co for leave in. I scrunch the co in while soaking wet and apply gel. I have been plopping and the clumping is coming along but the end product is still a little frizzy. I tried coconut oil today but even with a very tiny amount I look a little greasy. Any and all suggestions are appreciated and thank you for such a fantastic board!!

Do you have a picture of your hair that you could post? Then I might be able to help you better....but i'm sure after you keep going with the CG your hair will look more and more professional
When mine looks too non-office-y it seems to work well to take the front hair and pull it around low in a barette, loosely but securely. It still looks like it is down, not like a ponytail, but smoother and, well, more professional.

And also, it may just take time for coworkers to get used to your look, after awhile it will just be your hair and they will not see it as the new "sexy" hair.

I do think that hair should be somewhat organized or styled to look professional but it can't require you to jump through hoops like straightening or blowdrying, you should be able to arrange natural hair into a professional look.
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I find that when I really need to look serious and professional, styling my hair and then putting it up somehow (usually a high ponytail or using really nice clips) accents whatever suit I'm wearing. I'm very young though, so having curly hair up still suits me. It would depend on the person. I also have short hair, so having my hair in a ponytail doesn't mean that it's hanging. When my hair is up in a high pony, it probably looks a lot like what a large bun would look like on someone with a lot of hair

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I will most definitely get some pictures up but yesterday was just not a good hair day. I tired coconut oil as a leave in and I am a bit greasy

I think that you all have some very good points. Once everyone gets used to it t won't look so different and "sexy". Maybe I just need to get rid of it.

My other problem is that while I am going to be 37 soon I had someone question me the other day and she thought that I was 20. That seems to be a bit of a stretch but the curls definitely make me look younger! I will take pictures and introduce myself properly later today. I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to respond!!

I like to put my curly hair up to make it look more professional. I just put my head upside down and start shoving in bobby pins until its stays up. Here is some inspiration:

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Those up do pictures are awesome and I LOVE the idea of doing an up do that is not a ponytail. Do you use any additional products to get to to stay?? How long is your hair?

Here is this morning's hair. It is getting more controlled and less frizzy but this is about it.

I am getting a hair cut in October from a Ouidad salon so hopefully that will help.
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