Cutting your own hair

I'm tempted to go to a salon that features curly hairstylists but I'm afraid! I've been snipping my own hair for years. What are all you curly girls doing? Anyone cutting their own hair?
I cut my own hair. I went to a salon a couple of times recently and got an inverted bob cut in, because I wouldn't know how to do that upside down "U" thing in the back. I decided I liked my hair better in a regular bob, so I'm cutting it again. I like being able to cut my hair whenever I'd like, and I like knowing exactly what I want it to look like and cutting it that way. I was really paranoid about going to a salon and getting it cut. Luckily, the girl cut it well, but I feel more confident doing it myself.
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Co-wash: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle or Trader Joe's Nourish Spa
Rinse out: Ion Effective Care Treatment
Leave-in/Styling: Alba Botanica leave in with Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner on top
Here's a wonderful, detailed video on how to cut long hair. The tips are really helpful! In fact, most of her videos are detailed as she demonstrates her techniques and tips.
Mod CG-Naturally Highly Porous and Dry
This list is not exhaustive...
CoWash: various
DT: various

CR L/I Collection, various

Stylers:MC Leave-in, Gorilla Snot

Spritz/Sealant:Nu-Gro spray w/moisturizer
*experimenting and loving it!
I'd love to learn how to cut my own, but its short and layered... not as easy as just giving longer hair a trim.
Very basic hair wiki
In depth wikis

2b/3a medium/coarse semi-porous/iii
White Rain Ocean Mist GVP conditioning balm. Bioterra/LA Looks. Air dry. SOTC w/LOOB..I think its my first HG.
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