Haircut Countdown..... UPDATE!

Can You Explain The Clipping Method He Used ??
Mix of Botticelli-Ringlets-Spirals

alternate between:
Deva NoPoo/Deva OneCondition
and Herbal Essence Drama Clean Shampoo/Hello Hydration Conditioner
always use:
KMS Hair Stay Gel
Henna 'n' Placenta Conditioning Treatment
wash hair every 3rd night
apply products by scrunching and raking
diffuse until 100% dry

i hate 1st day hair!
my hair likes humidity and protein.
pics pics!!!!


I like my microfiber towel and plopping
No comb,blow-fried, sulfates,silicones detangle Only the [/SIZE]fingers!!
You know, you could always start growing them out into side-swept bangs, and if you hate them too much, you can always cut them back into your current style.

Then if you like the side-swept look, you can keep growing them out and if you really hate no bangs, you can cut them back into side-swept bangs.

Baby steps.
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Glad it turned out well. Did he have any suggestions as to what to actually do with your bangs other than "lose them"? I'm struggling with my half grown out mess of a fringe right now and was just wondering if he actually suggested anything particular.
Originally Posted by Starmie
Well mine are still bang length, so its tough. But he demonstrated what I could do while they are in the grow out phase.
He took a comb and combed them to the side (but not into the rest of my hair, kind of skimming my forehead, til they were smooth, then he slipped in one or two clips to create some texture as they dried.
It actually was a nice effect, and likely something that would work well not only thru the grow out phase but in the event that I decide to stay with a long side-swept bang. But I simply am not ready to look at myself without my bangs yet. Perhaps in time
Originally Posted by rudeechick
Thanks. I'm not sure I'm ready to look at myself without bangs either - 31 years is a long time to have had them in some form or another!

I kind of split my fringe into two, depth wise, and have managed to grow out the bit furthest back so that it now tucks behind my ear and curls into the rest of my hair. The front bit is just blunt and wispy, now just about to the end of my nose and driving me mad. I pushed it to the side yesterday as it was irritating me and it looked not too bad, so I think I get what you're saying Carlos did with yours. I finally got round to making an appt for a cut next Friday, so I'll ask the stylist what he thinks, I've only seen him once before and then I just said "do what you like, but the fringe stays"! Might be interesting to get his opinion.
3b in South Australia.
Oh thanks Rudee!!! I'm so glad he taught you a few new's nice when they do that and make it an experience of not only relaxation but learning.

So with the clipping--how many did he use? Like multiple layers of them? I'm curious about that since Tiffany used quite a few too and I haven't been able to duplicate it well..and it had volume but no poofy which I liked.

Far as poof and frizz we found that there is an inverse relationship between them and the amount of leave in you leave in...we add about 6-8 tbsp minimum in Tahia's hair and that's pretty much cut the frizz to nothing. But we don't use gel or anything else in her hair which is probably why we can get away with several days hair with that much product. When I've done her hair for pictures or events (she sings in a choir) and we use gel and all's kind of gross the next day and must be washed

Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
Originally Posted by Alexjoujou
I will have to try this with no gel then.

As for clips - TONS! First one layer all around the part on the crown, and then another layer on the layer just beneath that. I would say easily more than a dozen!
Originally Posted by rudeechick

Rudee, sorry if this was posted already in another thread but would you please post pics of his clipping method.....pretty please? And what kind of clips did he use?
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Where are the pics? I clicked on the thread, read through all of it and no pics?!

This is torture! haha
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Just bought Olive Miracle Leave-in Conditioner to try. I used it to scrunch out the crunch and it smells wonderful. (05Jun2012)
Fotki pwpics
Oy! Sorry about the pics - Life kinda got in the way and I totally spaced on that!

As for the clipping - its not that he has a new technique; it was watching someone place the clips... Its the angle and the way he inserted them... Mine used to just flop over and now they dont.....Its impossible to explain.

I will take a few pics the next time I have clips in, but I dont know if that will help. As for the clips he used - he used basic Beauty Parlor Granma 2 prong metal clips. I am having better resluts with some clips I got from Sallys - they are identical, but in plastic (pink and purple). They slip less.

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