I chopped it

I haven't posted here in forever. I've been over at LHC mostly. But I recently cut my hair off to what feels like super short.

Here it is when I got home from the salon. They used a Redken curl product that I've tried before and didn't love. It weighs my hair down.

Also home from the salon, after being out in wind so it's a mess but here's the length.

This is the next day after I washed it. It grew.

It had been just above mid-thigh about a year ago, then I cut back to BSL/waist last January and now...short! Products and techniques that didn't used to work for me are working again so I'll probably be hanging out here a bit more trying to keep up with all the new stuff. Is there new stuff?
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I find this amusing because your "short hair" is my desired "long hair"! Personally I'm gonna be thrilled when it's past my shoulders, haha.

Yours looks so good though! The cut turned out nicely.
Thanks! A lot of people tell me it's still long and I guess it is. It just doesn't feel like it to me but in a good way. I had it really long for about the last decade. It was time for something less...hairy. I finally found a stylist I trust. She has excellent taste and understands the purpose of long layers in curly hair. So, yay!
3a/b, fine, lots of it
Your hair looks great, the cut is very flattering. There is always new stuff to try out! I'm loving the Ecostyler Krystal styling gel these days - there's a huge thread on this in Product Reviews.
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Hi Rain! Good to see you back! I love the new cut, very flattering.
New stuff?! There is always new stuff! Too much! Hang around, you'll see.

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I love it! It looks gorgeous and is an ideal length!!
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Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.

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