Frizz buster!

I used Ecostyler mixed with water as my gel today, and I ended up with a ton of frizz. I assume it's partly due to the glycerin in it, and partly due to the 50 degree temp, 97 percent humidity, and 50 degree dew point. I tried everything to get rid of the frizz--AOMM, CJAF, oil, Deva MirrorCurls--and nothing worked. My one last attempt was to put a product with no glycerin on top to try to tame the frizz, so I mixed a little AOMM with water and ran my hands all over my hair, then mixed a little BRHG with water and ran my hands all over my hair. Frizz is gone! AOMM + H20 + BRHG + H20 =

Just goes to show me that I need a harder gel over everything. And glycerin is not so great in low dews.
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Bumping so everyone can see this!
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Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!


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